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Business Administration Graduate – Mariah Betteridge

“I chose to attend Ohio Valley College of Technology to help open up doors to opportunities for my family. Before becoming a student, I worked in a local pizza shop, where I fell in love with the idea of owning... Read more...

Categories: Business Administration, Alumni, News, OVCT Students

Everything a College Student Needs to Know Coming from a Nursing Student at OVCT

-Joshua Underwood, Year One Nursing Student    Going to college for the first time can be an exciting and scary experience all at once. You may have expectations from stories you have heard from others, from movies, or from recruiters... Read more...

Categories: Nursing, News, OVCT Students, Tips

The Senior Meltdown

The Senior Meltdown The How-To on Surviving Senior Year By High School Admission Rep Monica Allison   It’s the question you been hounded with all year… “What are your plans after graduation?” Senior year can be the best year of... Read more...

Categories: News, OVCT Students, Tips

Make Your Dreams Come True

Saturday, January 13th is a day that gives you the opportunity to realize your goals and dreams. Many students at OVCT are already pursuing their dream by going to college and working towards their degree in their career field. OVCT... Read more...

Categories: Nursing, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration, Business Administration, Dental Assisting, News, OVCT Students