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Business Administration Student Highlight: Amanda Gillespie

amanda gillispie 2Attending Ohio Valley College of Technology has been like a dream come true for me! I have always wanted to further my education but there always seemed to be something standing in the way. That was when I realized what is truly important to me and how my dreams and goals could benefit my family in the long run. I chose to come to OVCT because of the short commute from my house, plus there were a few students who I knew from previous jobs; which all gave OVCT an outstanding rating! When I visited the campus for the first time, everyone was extremely welcoming; which made it easy to communicate my wants and needs.


I choose the Business Administration program due to my past employment history. It seems all I have ever known is customer service. My family has their own business since before I was born! As I got older I began to realize how great I can communicate with others and that I longed for it. I love to have a full schedule and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. I aim to please and do it with a smile because smiles are contagious and you never know whose day you might be changing.


 amanda gillispie 1My favorite part of attending OVCT was knowing that each day I was increasing my current knowledge and one step closer to achieving greatness! I actually look forward to learning new information with fellow classmates; who happen to be near my same age! The small classes and one-on-one time is phenomenal because you feel like less of an embarrassment when you have a question about something you simply can’t understand. A highly qualified instructor is always there to help you throughout your journey! I loved participating in student activities and events with the Student Government during my time at OVCT!  We have had so much fun that time has literally flown by! It seems like just yesterday I enrolled and began my quest for an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.


My biggest supporters would have to be my three children! I have a six year old son, Braxton, a five year old daughter, Allayna, and a newborn baby girl, Mallory! They look up to me in every way possible and understand how hard I work to achieve success. I want each one of my children to understand that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE if you truly want it and are willing to go the distance to achieve it! All of my instructors have been so supportive of me also! They could understand my difficulties and relate. I would say through effective communication, most instructors as well as fellow classmates have gotten to know me pretty well and look forward to seeing me grow into a successful business woman!

I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout my educational journey at OVCT; previous successors, instructors and alumni because without you I would probably still be wondering what it’s like to be successful. I look up to you all and hope to continue to stay connected outside of the college environment. I would also like to thank my family and friends for listening to me when I needed to get things off my chest or supported during my tribunal times.

amanda gillispie 3I would highly recommend OVCT to anyone looking to forward their career in business, as I did. There should be no excuses when it comes down to education because I know that if I could attend every day pregnant, working not one but two jobs, plus volunteering time to several organizations, and having a home life with my other two children…..ANYONE can!