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Dental Assisting Graduate Highlight – Brooke Parsons

brooke parsons 11. Why did you choose Ohio Valley College of Technology?

 I chose Ohio Valley College of Technology because they offer Associate Degree programs in sixteen months or less. OVCT provides students with the knowledge they need to succeed in their careers and an externship to allow students hands-on training in the “real” setting.


2. Why did you choose Dental Assisting?

 I chose Dental Assisting because I believe the one thing that gives confidence to the public is their smiles. With my career as a Dental Assistant, I will enjoy helping individuals achieve this confidence with excellent oral healthcare.


3. What was your favorite part of attending OVCT?

 My favorite part about attending OVCT is the friendly environment and the personal attention each student receives. Unlike other colleges, OVCT is one of the only ones around that allows instructors and students to become acquaintances for life. If you are struggling, each instructor and faculty member takes the time to help you succeed. I really liked that whenever I walked into the main building, everyone knew my name whether I saw him or her on a daily basis or not.


4. What are you doing now?

 Currently I am working for Dr. Caldwell’s Family Dentistry in downtown East Liverpool. I completed my externship here and also was hired before graduation. I feel like what I learned at OVCT taught me to be career ready and succeed in my field of study.


brooke parsons 25. What advice do you have for new students?

 Advice I would give to other students is to take your career seriously. If you are planning on being successful in your career someday, everyone at OVCT is encouraging to you. Some take their Associate’s Degree from OVCT and expand their knowledge. This is a great stepping-stone. However, if you do not take it serious and put effort into your work, you will never be able to push yourself further.


6. Do you have anyone you want to thank?

 I would like to thank my parents for supporting me through college 100%. I would also like to thank Mrs. Jamie Stine, Dental Assisting Program Director at OVCT, for being a wonderful instructor and listener. Thank you to Dr. Caldwell’s office for allowing me to learn with your team and watch me grow into a Dental Assistant at your office. I am very happy to be a part of their team now.


7. Who was your biggest supporter?

 My biggest supporters were definitely my parents. They consistently showed interest and appreciation for my hard work and strength to graduate from Ohio Valley College of Technology. 

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