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Finding the Right College

Finding the Right College

Advice from High School Admissions

Monica Allison


Have you ever bought a car? What were the steps you and your family took to find the right vehicle for you?

First, you probably searched online and did some research on different makes, models, and years. Next, you started to visit dealerships and try to find the one that would give you the best deals and services. Then, you spoke with a sales rep at the dealership and he/she helped you make a decision on the vehicle you wanted to purchase. You would then test drive the vehicle before making a final decision. Finally, you would invest in your new car!

Finding the Right College

Finding a college is similar to finding a car. As a high school student, you spent a lot of time researching careers and looking at salaries, job growth, and opportunities. Senior year, you and your family scheduled visits to college campuses and spoke with admissions reps. These reps would help you fill out the college application, discuss financial aid, and help you ENROLL!

Starting to see the familiarities?

However, there is one thing missing in the college experience part.  THE TEST DRIVE.

College is an investment. Receiving a college education and earning your degree is an investment in yourself. Your college degree has no expiration date. It will last your entire lifetime. No one can take your education and college degree away from you. Making the decision to go to college is a BIG decision and one you should not take lightly.

In my last blog, we discussed the Senior Meltdown. My biggest advice to high school students is to TEST DRIVE a college before making a final decision. If you are uncertain about a career field, test driving a college can help you make a career decision and ultimately decide what college you want to attend.

So, how do you test drive a college?

Test Drive

Test driving a college is NOT visiting a campus. It is not an open house. It is not a freshman experience or a college tour. Would you visit a car dealership, point at a car and just buy it without driving it? No, of course not. Even if you were buying a brand new car, you would still test drive the car before you purchased it.

To test drive a college, you want to sit in a college class. Sitting in a Dental Radiology class or a clinical course for Medical Assisting, provides you with a hands-on opportunity to explore the career and the campus. By sitting in a Marketing class for Business Administration, you can experience the atmosphere of the campus, meet students, and listen to an instructor you will have. Maybe you have heard a lot of scary stories that a Nursing program is hard. SIT IN A CLASS! Experience it for yourself.

Many instructors have worked in the career field for numerous years and can explain the career better than an admissions rep or even a college student could. Instructors and Program Directors can tell you the pros and cons of a career. They can discuss local employers who may hire you and many know where graduates are working and can share their success stories.

My final advice: Call, text, email, snapchat, and message your college admissions rep and schedule a day to sit in a college class. At OVCT, we call it a Pass for Class and you can personally contact me on my cell via call/text (330) 368-8018 or email malison@ovct.edu to schedule your Pass for Class.

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