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Graduate Highlight – Jessica Coil

coil“I don’t think I chose Ohio Valley College of Technology – I think OVCT chose me!’

Jessica Coil was on Facebook one day and saw a few posts from OVCT. “The next thing I knew, I was setting up a visit and enrolling in school. It was the quickest and most welcoming process I have ever been through.”

For the prior four years, she had been working in retail. She loved her jobs, but she knew Business was a perfect field for her to learn the basics of what she needed to know to advance in what she was currently doing.

Her favorite part of attending OVCT was walking into a school where everyone knew her name and they knew if you weren’t in class. Jessica explained, “There are not many places you will go where the staff will actually care about you and what is going on in your life. I love the new friends I have made and the ones who have helped me through the thick and thin and the struggles I have faced. When they tell you you’ll make lifetime friendships, they aren’t kidding!”

Currently, Jessica is working in her field of study to care provide for herself and her six month old daughter.

If Jessica could give any advice to new students, it would be not to give up. She explained, “The road might seem long but at the end of your journey, you will look back and realize that the mountain you were climbing landed you right in the place you were meant to be. You are never alone no matter where you are in life there is always going to be someone right beside you whether it is your blood family or your OVCT family you are never alone!

She also says to study, study, study! Hard work pays off!

Jessica has many people she would like to thank for her success at OVCT:

jessbaby“I want to thank God for getting me through all of my struggles and for never giving up on me! I want to thank my family for supporting me and keeping me moving forward. My brothers for being such an inspiration whether they were home or overseas or on the other side of the coast; I do not think they will ever truly know how much I look up to them and respect them every day for what they are doing. For the staff at OVCT for helping me from the start and more when I found out I was expecting. For all of my friends that have helped me and made it possible for me to finish school while I was pregnant and even more after Kimberly was born when you have helped me by watching her while I went back to class. You do not know what that means to me!

I want to give a special thanks to Jonathan Ream for always being there when I needed you no matter what the situation; from a computer crashing, to a class problem, to watching Miss Kimberly while I met with instructors to do coursework. Monica Allison for her helpful hand and positive reinforcement to keep pushing me forward towards; I was only given a short time to meet Ms. Allison but I know within the time I got to know her she has helped me tremendously and she helped me get my foot in the door with Hill International and with the resume she pushes everyone to make! (They DO help!)

ream baby

Jonathan Ream and Jessica’s daughter, Kimberly

And, for Sherry Duggan for putting up with me from the first day she started at OVCT. I was given the pleasure of having her throughout my time here at OVCT and I have learned a lot from her!  I know if I ever needed anything that I would be able to go to her. Oh and I cannot forget Rhonda at the front desk for ALWAYS greeting me with a smile and a warm welcome no matter what kind of day it was she always knew how to lift ones spirit!

 I had many! There were so many people standing behind me to keep me going especially when times got tough. There were my brothers and sister, my parents, my grandparents, my best friends, my OVCT friend and staff, plus my co-workers and managers.

And I want to finish by saying that Ohio Valley College of Technology has changed my life, it has made me a better person not just for myself but for the beautiful little girl that I have to set an example for. I will do anything for her and I will do anything to help better her life. Without Ohio Valley College of Technology I would not be where I am today.

I want to give another thanks to all of the staff that OVCT has and all of the amazing students that the school attracts! If you want to change your life for the better I recommend OVCT to you.”