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Laura Keenan Dental Assisting Graduate Highlight

  1.  Why did you choose to come to Ohio Valley College of Technology?Laura Keenan

Ohio Valley College of Technology was an excellent fit for me! I was looking for a college that had a fast track and successful program and I knew the Dental Assisting program was it for me!


  1. Why did you choose your program?

The dental field was something I have always been interested in. I knew I always wanted to do something in a healthcare setting and after enrolling and getting into my dental courses I knew I made the right decision.


  1. What was your favorite part of attending the school?

My favorite part about OVCT is how friendly the instructors and faculty are! OVCT has such an excellent environment it makes learning fun and the students want to see each other succeed so we encourage and support one another.


  1. Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest supporters would be my family and boyfriend. Anytime I need them they are always here to help and remind me how proud they are of me doing so well in school and in my externship.


  1. Do you have anyone you want to thank?

I would like to thank Dental Program Director Jamie Stine. She is the best teacher! She makes sure you learn everything you need to be successful in Dental Assisting. I am confident in my skills and I feel prepared for my future dental career because of her!

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