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Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis3When I first became interested in enrolling in school, the first thing I looked at was distance of the school from where I live. Ohio Valley College of Technology is close to my house and is an easy commute. The next thing I considered was time. At OVCT, I can receive my degree and start my career faster than other students who are enrolled in other colleges. 

My career goal is to become a Registered Nurse and I am currently completing the Medical Assisting program to get my foot in the door of the medical field. I have always wanted to help people and working in healthcare is a great way to achieve that goal. I would like to work as a Certified Medical Assistant and then continue my education at night. 

My favorite part about being a student at OVCT is all the exposure I get to the field I want to be in. At OVCT, you learn a lot. There is so much hands-on learning and the instructors take the time to work with students one on one. They are constantly challenging us to be better and I really appreciate that. Instructors and staff members are connected with other organizations and agencies, so there are so many opportunities being offered to students to get involved in events within the community. 

As a member of Student Government, I have the chance to give back to the community I live in and meet a lot of amazing people. Recently, I worked with our Career Management Director to set up a 5k/Walk to raise funds for drug prevention/awareness programs in our local schools. Other OVCT students and I volunteered on Race Day and I had the chance to connect with healthcare professionals before I graduate. 

During my time at OVCT, my family has been my biggest support system. They make it so I have time to complete my work and help me study. They want me to do well and cheer me on to succeed in my career! 

I would like to thank all my instructors at Ohio Valley College of Technology. They do such a wonderful job and they truly care about their students. They work so hard to help us and they don’t get enough thanks. 

Thank you OVCT!