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Medical Office Administration – Program Highlight

Keeping Up With The MOAs

By: Katie Lowe


Medical Office Administration

Hello OVCT! It is Katie Lowe and I’m back again! This time I brought the MOA program with me!

For those of you that do not know, MOA stands for Medical Office Administration. These ladies do a lot and they were kind enough to answer all my questions and let me take pictures. At first glance, their work may just look like computer work, but it is so much more than that! Students in the Medical Office Administration program create medical charts for the patients that come into the office. They are responsible for updating charts, checking the records and informing doctors of any changes with a patient’s chart.

When I met these girls, they were already in their class and it was 8:00 in the morning. They were hard at work, taking notes and working on their spring charts. MOA students have to learn how to enter data so that the doctor knows what is going on when he/she visits patients. The charts the MOA students work on answer questions like who the patient is, if they are new to the office, and what their current vitals are. These girls work very hard and what they do and they are truly amazing! Now, onto the interview portion of this story!

Dental Assisting

The first two ladies I interview were Tiffany Craig and Jen Seese and they were very happy to answer the questions I threw at them. They both plan to graduate in 2018 are doing well in their classes. The both agreed that spring charts were the most important but most difficult part of the curriculum. I also interviewed Katelyn Dyke and Melissa Alford, who are both slightly further along in the program. The agreed that coding was the most important skill they have learned. Something I learned while interviewing these ladies is that you don’t earn a certification in electronic health records, you earn an associate degree and become a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist.

Medical Office Administration

When I asked the ladies what their favorite part of the program was, they all agreed that they really liked the “small classes and the teachers”, and they all enjoy the more personal experience. “You get the help you need,” Melissa said.

When I asked the girls what they would say to someone who wanted to start in the MOA program at OVCT, Jen said, “Don’t get too frustrated. Ask for help. Don’t quit. Everyone will help.” Tiffany said, “Don’t get stressed and don’t beat yourself up over a bad grade. You can always bring them up.” When I asked them if they were glad they came to OVCT, I received a resounding “YES!”

Stop down and visit us at OVCT! Maybe you’ll find a program you love as much as these ladies love MOA!

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