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OVCT Work Study

OVCT – The Place for Dreamers

 My decision to attend Ohio Valley College of Technology to achieve one of my major goals, which was to obtain a college degree, was probably one of the best decisions of my life! As a student, I gained great leadership experience and professional skills that have helped make my life into something beautiful and prepared me for any challenges I may face.


If you are considering obtaining a college degree, I feel confident that the skills and qualifications you will acquire during your time at OVCT will open many doors for your future.


At OVCT, I was very blessed to be chosen as the Work Study Student. In this position I have been able to apply the skills I have learned, and become a productive student and mentor on campus.


I feel that OVCT improves the lives of their students by providing career-focused training that is caring, engaging and inspirational. It’s easy for me to say this because I have made so many great friendships at this school. I have been able to utilize my personality to inspire and motivate people. For example, saying a cute little joke to make someone smile or laugh, and being there to help with studying, career portfolios, social media and such.


GoRed9One of my major career goals is to utilize my positive personality to help and influence others. From being a student to being the Work Study; I have achieved this!


Now that I’m in my last week at OVCT, I’m met with mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. I have completed two degree programs with great attendance and great grades, but it’s bittersweet because I loved my time at OVCT and I will greatly miss being there.


Thank you to everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at OVCT. I hope I’ve made as much of a positive influence on my classmates’ lives as they have made on mine! Never forget that you deserve to live your dream! Never give up hope and always believe and be true to yourself!