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Four’s not a crowd: From Medical Assisting Grads to Registered Nursing Students

CALCUTTA ­- For four Ohio Valley College of Technology medical assistant students, there’s the buzz of excitement going on as they wrap up their final weeks at college. But, it’s not so much the thrill of finishing classes, but the anticipation of continuing them.

Stephanie Householder, a medical assistant student at the Ohio Valley College of Technology, opened a letter from the college earlier this month. She read the first line with the momentum of excitement growing stronger at each word.

The letter read, “Congratulations on your acceptance into the nursing program for the class beginning September 3, 2013!”

She just became one step closer in fulfilling her grandmother’s wish before she passed away some time back.

Jessica Catalano, Devon Carey and Stephanie Householder take a moment in the medical assistant clinical room to take a group photo. These three, plus another classmate, Amy Quimby, will be entering the Registered Nursing program at OVCT.

Her classmate, Jessica Catalano, received the same good news. Her thoughts rushed to her sister who has medical problems, and Catalano reflected on how big a difference was made in her sister’s health by having a good nurse.

Now, she’s motivated to return the favor for future patients.

“It makes a difference,” Catalano said.

And then there’s Devon Carey whose desire to help people runs in her blood.

Her mother is a nurse and her father is a firefighter. And if that was not enough conviction, Devon’s own blood – her daughter Lauren – even said she should be a nurse.

“It’s in my genes,” Carey said. “ I’ve always wanted to be a nurse.”

Amy Quimby, the fourth medical assistant student, has motivation from the young, but big of heart. She’s out to provide a better life and to set a great example for her kids.

It’s a group that has sacrificed, studied, and worked together all throughout their time as medical assistant students. They’ve shared many experiences together and they’re set to share many more at OVCT’s registered nursing program.

They all applied for the program, passed their TEAS test, and went through the interview process.  Now, it’s time to graduate with an associate’s degree in medical assisting and head into the registered nursing program.

Catalano is excited to pass anatomy, one of the more challenging classes students receive right away. She believes her experiences, as a medical assistant student, will help her in the nursing program and feels a reserved confidence in taking on all the new challenges.

One person who believes she can do it is the OVCT Medical Program Director Kristen Scott.

“Jessica is a hard worker,” Scott said. “She’s always on time, she always has her homework completed, and she’s always friendly.”

Householder enjoyed her clinical classes during the morning medical assisting program, and is looking forward to the hands-on work and evening nursing clinical encounters. The soon-to-be medical assisting graduate said she’s feeling a little apprehensive about not exactly knowing what to expect in the registered nursing program, but is excited and eager to get into it.

Scott believes Householder’s friendly nature can help in certain instances.

“She likes people,” Scott said. “She’s definitely a people-person!”

Carey expressed similar excitement and apprehensions, but she’s really looking forward in learning something new.

Her eagerness to learn was evident in Scott, who had Carey in several of her daytime classes.

“Devon is a hard worker and she’s always eager to learn new stuff,” Scott said.

As for Quimby, Scott said she could see the medical assistant student become something more due to her demeanor throughout school so far.

“She is so respectful,” Scott said. “She’s a good student, she studies a lot, which you can tell because she gets good grades. She always has a good heart. She’ll be a good nurse.”

Together, they’ll earn their first goal of an associate’s degree in medical assisting. And they’ll continue down the path to the registered nursing classrooms.

Each of them carry different motivating factors whether is it is their kids, grandmother, sister or to prove it to themselves.

Whatever the case, they’re ready for September.

“I’m excited to take a new journey,” Carey said.

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