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Graduate Highlight – Samantha McCall

Samantha McCall 1Samantha McCall decided to enroll at Ohio Valley College of Technology because of the positive experiences she heard about from graduates and comments from members of the community. “When I went and checked it out, all of the teachers and staff was so cheerful and helpful, I knew it was the school I wanted to attend.”

Samantha chose the dental assisting program at OVCT because of the opportunities and because she always wanted to work in the dental field. “I love seeing people smile, and knowing I could be part of the reason they smiled made me want to do it even more.”

Samantha’s favorite part of attending OVCT was all the wonderful teachers and students she met there. In Samantha’s opinion, the program prepared her with the knowledge and training required for her to succeed in the dental field. “I love that the school was so hands on. I am definitely ready to be out working in the dental field,” she said.

Upon graduating, Samantha was hired for a temporary position at an oral surgeon’s office in Rochester, PA. “It was such a wonderful experience, and I learned so many things. I feel that it made me able to tackle any job in my future.”

The advice Samantha has for future students is to “just stick with it. With working, going to school, having a family, and completing your externship, things can seem overwhelming at times. Just remember to keep pushing yourself forward, it is all worth it in the end and you will come out with a great career. Never give up!!”

Samantha McCall 3

As a graduate of OVCT, Samantha would like to thank her dental instructor and Program Director Jamie Stine, CDA. During her time as a student, Mrs. Stine took the time to help her with her courses. “She pushed me when I didn’t want to go any further, and for that I am very thankful and couldn’t thank her enough.” McCall would also like to thank OVCT’s Career Management Director, Monica Allison. “She helped me prepare for graduation and getting out into the work field. It would not have been possible without her and I would not have been ready for life outside of college. Thank you both!”

When asked about her biggest supporters during her time as a student, Samantha replied, “My biggest supporter from beginning to end is my mother. She never questioned me going back to school and stood beside me 100% through the good times and bad. She pushed me to do my homework and always made sure I kept my head on straight. I wouldn’t change any decision I made about attending OVCT. It was the best choice I could have made.”