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Ohio Valley College of Technology Dental Assistant Students Were all Smiles at Dr. Caldwell’s Office

EAST LIVERPOOL – There were a lot of smiles in Dr. Jeffrey S. Caldwell’s dental office in downtown East Liverpool Friday. It wasn’t surprising thanks to the caring staff members, other local visiting dentists and volunteers.
The oversized clown-like glasses didn’t hurt, too.

Caldwell’s team was joined by Dr. Michael Moore, Dr. Shane Wellington, and some dental assisting students from the Ohio Valley College of Technology to help celebrate Give a Kids a Smile Day, sponsored by the American Dental Association along with state and local dental associations.

Even though kids from the American Spirit Academy, St. Aloysius, and East Liverpool City Schools were enjoying the dental check-ups, clown noses, and goodie bags, one would be hard pressed to find a bigger smile than on Caldwell’s face.

“This is my favorite day of the year,” Caldwell said. “I really enjoy working with the kids and helping them out.”
Caldwell started the event at the old Ohio Valley College of Technology building on St. Clair Avenue before it moved to the new location on state Route 170. Starting from two chairs at the old campus, Caldwell now has six chairs in his now larger office to accommodate patients on Smile Day.

“We, Dr. (Lee) Rice and I, had two chairs up there and we did it at the school,” he said. “I had a much smaller office, but about seven years ago I got a bigger office. Now, we have the (OVCT) kids come down here to help out and it works really nice.”

During that first year, Caldwell said he worked on a young kid who had decay on almost all of his teeth and said he didn’t brush.

The East Liverpool dentist found out the child’s parents did not have a tooth brush for him. Caldwell said that made a big impact on him and he hopes the free toothbrush that day did the same for the once young kid.

Today, he still aspires to give children a great experience at the dentist’s office. Often, he said he finds out that a kid’s participation in the Give a Kids a Smile Day is the first time a he or she has visited the dentist.

“Caldwell and our local dentists are very good about giving back to the community,” Jamie Stine, OVCT dental director said. “Caldwell is always sponsoring events that benefit the area. OVCT is just happy to be a small part of Caldwell’s effort.”

Stine added, that her dental assisting students, Jessica Stephens, of Salem, and Stefanie Slusarek, of New Cumberland, both said they loved getting the hands-on experience, especially during such a fun time with the children. Rylan Childs, of East Liverpool, who is a part-time dental assistant at the office and recent OVCT graduate, said he also enjoyed his first event with Caldwell.

Caldwell was able to take a quick break between visits by area school and take a look around his office. Children, employees, chaperons, volunteers and vistors were all having fun and were all wearing smiles.
For the East Liverpool dentist, that’s a site that’s hard to beat.

“It’s a special day,” Caldwell added, with a big smile of his own. “It’s a real special day.”

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