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OVCT: Rachel – Medical Assisting Graduate

Some young adults may be looking to attend college at age 20. Others, who started right out of high school, may finally be transitioning into an upperclassman at a university.

But, Rachel of Highlandtown, OH, has already earned a degree at the Ohio Valley College of Technology and is starting her career in the medical assisting field in the East Liverpool area.

Rachel is a recent graduate of OVCT, a school where she earned her medical assisting degree in just 18 months. She’s now employed at a local medical office where she’s putting her knowledge and skills to the test.

And the best part; she loves it!

We met up with Rachel to reminisce about her time on campus and to see how she’s doing in her post-OVCT life.

How did you find out about OVCT?
Rachel: “Mina, the representative came to my school and told us all about it and the different programs you have and it really interested me.”

Why did you choose to come to OVCT?
Rachel: “It was very interesting and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the school like all the teachers were great and that people had very successful careers after graduating.”

Why did you choose the medical program?
Rachel: “I’ve always been interested in the medical field … mostly working with people. I like working, hands-on, with the patients.”

What was your favorite part of the medical program?
Rachel: “My favorite part was probably our Clinicals class because I got to do everything hands-on and it made everything more real.”

What was your favorite part in being a student?
Rachel: “The teachers, making friends, and just the overall experience.”

How was the graduation experience?
Rachel: “It was exciting and I was nervous. But, I was happy I finally did it and, you know, I was proud of myself. And my sister was with me.”

Rachel: “I work at a local medical office and I get to do everything I learned in school and I just love doing what I do… I take vitals, I draw blood, give injections, do the front office work … get specimens to send out to labs.”

When did you get that job?
Rachel: “Right after I graduated. I went on an interview and got the job!
How has your career changed your life?
Rachel: “Definitely making better wages then I was before. And I love what I do and it just made me happier to go to work everyday.”

Who would you like to thank for their support when you were a student?
Rachel: “My family and my sister who went to school with me here and we graduated at the same time.”

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