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OVCT: We are family

EAST LIVERPOOL – At OVCT, we are family.

At the Ohio Valley College of Technology, we don’t consider ourselves family because of our small class sizes, one-on-one learning opportunities, and family events, but we also mean it in the literal sense.

Not only are we a family business, but many family members have also walked through the hallways on our campuses and often at the same time. Mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, cousins, husbands and wives, and sisters have found themselves sharing the career college experience.

We caught up with sisters Leslie and Toni Topoleski, who shared the OVCT experience for some time. Leslie is just wrapping up her 16-months as an OVCT medical student and entering right into the job force. Toni, who transferred from another college, is right in the middle of dental classes, and is slated to graduate within one year from when she started.
We wanted to find out how much each sister knew about one another. So, we sat down with each sister separately, asked them questions about one another, and then compared answers.

So, who knows who best?

Is older always wiser? Or does little sister know best?

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