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Student Highlight – Lonnie Laughlin

Lonnie 3Lonnie Laughlin decided to attend Medical Assisting classes at Ohio Valley College of Technology because of the professional friendly atmosphere. Laughlin stated that the faculty and staff “embraced me with open arms giving me the inspiration and motivation to believe in myself while striving to reach the pinnacle of my potential!”


That initial feeling of being part of a college with a prestigious history and strong relationships with the community was important and motivating for Mr. Laughlin.


Lonnie Laughlin is a student in the Medical Assistant program and decided on that program because it is a “launch pad to embark on my lifelong pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, as well as a career in the medical field.”


Lonnie’s favorite part of OVCT is the atmosphere, “every day I’m excited about coming to school. Thinking to myself, what will I learn today?”


Laughlin’s biggest supporter is Mrs. Scott, Program Coordinator, “she always encourages me to work hard, ask questions, be myself, and be enthusiastic in my approach.” Lonnie has been appreciative with the unwavering support and confidence Mrs. Scott gives to all her students.


Lonnie would like to thank Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Donna, Mrs. Stoakes, and Mrs. Brock-Murphy for being instrumental to his success by constantly being supportive to be the best he can be!