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Students make good dental impressions in their Dental Materials course

Truly, the dental assistant students at the Ohio Valley College of Technology make great first impressions.

They make great second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth ones, too.

In the Dental Materials course at OVCT, students, like soon-to-be graduate Curtis Mackall, get a chance to receive hands-on experience in the classroom and labs.

In addition to mixing alginate for dental impressions, Mackall has made great impressions on his teachers, fellow students and his externship co-workers.

“He is a very good student,” said Jamie Stine, dental director and instructor. “He’s very good at doing hands-on material and he’s actually in an externship right now and they have expressed interest in possibly hiring him.”

In addition to all of his skills he picked up in the classroom, Mackall brings an outstanding personality to the dental office. According to reports from his externship sites, he does very well working with the patients and makes them feel comfortable and at ease during a sometimes stressful visit.

“Curtis is one of those individuals who is very easy to talk to and one you have a great time with,” said Director of Academics David Grimes. “He’s a guy who makes you and everyone around you feel better after he visits and leaves the room.”

In the video below, Mackall demonstrates how to mix alginate and how to properly take a lower impression.


This is only one of many activities the students perform in Jamie Stine’s class. In addition, students are shown how to mix Glass Ionomer, mix dental plaster, use the grinding wheel, take upper impressions and much more. The course lasts eight weeks, Monday through Thursday, and features many demonstrations during in-class time.

Students like Mackall make good dental impressions in the classroom, which helps them make good first impressions on the job.

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