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These ‘divas’ are dashing right toward a business career

Shalynn Vecchio and Brook Faulk are getting down to business – literally.

Wishing to take their know-how on running their “Dashing Divas” consignment business to the next level, both girls from Lisbon, OH decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration at the Ohio Valley College of Technology. They’re currently taking classes that involve accounting, marketing, taxation, spreadsheets, social media, and everything in between.

(clockwise from top left) Shalynn and Brook work hard in their accounting class, which is part of their Business Administration degree. Brook, Shalynn and Amy take a moment to pose at a local event. The threesome look over a couple notes before they set up their Dashing Divas consignment table at the past Easter event at OVCT when they donated their time to help sell fashionable clothes at a great price. And it’s not all work for the trio as they find time to bond outside of class and work, too.

They found their interest in business while starting their own enterprise, “Dashing Divas”, an online consignment shop that takes advantage of the popularity of social media. Shalynn and Brook started the venture in partnership with Brook’s mother, Amy. The trendy threesome enable patrons to sell gently used clothing and accessories to others at a discounted price.

Both students felt the move to OVCT would help them in their education and career goals.

“I can’t learn in a big, 100-person lecture,” Faulk said. “At OVCT, it feels like a family here. The staff is very friendly.”

Vecchio echoed her friend and business partner’s sentiments.

“I’m just not a number here, I’m a person,” Vecchio added.

In addition, while she was attending a local university before OVCT, Vecchio said she “felt like she was going nowhere” since she only took a “handful of business classes” during her time there.

At the Ohio Valley College of Technology, she and other students interested in a degree jump right into their core classes quickly.

Vecchio said she really enjoys the instructors, especially her Management Concepts and Practices instructor, Mrs. Angel Brock-Murphy.

“She knows what she’s talking about,” Vecchio said. “And she shows she cares.”

“She’s a good teacher,” Vecchio added. “She makes class interesting.”

Both Faulk and Vecchio expressed a penchant for Human Resources, with Faulk noting she’s fortunate to mix classroom and more on-the-job experiences to solidify her interest. Following in the footsteps of her mother, thanks to a high school job shadowing experience, Brook has continued to build her experience and knowledge in the human resources field.

Amy, who works in the Human Resources department for a local company, has given Brook opportunities to help out with office work and payroll experiences while she attends business classes at OVCT. This is in addition to their consignment business, too.
In addition to their core classes, students at OVCT take several general education courses that will help in the career world. These classes focus on developing soft skills, a vital component when applying for jobs and maintaining good rapport with co-workers.

For Faulk, these classes have helped her out already.

“I liked my Accounting I class,” Faulk said. “But I also enjoyed my speech class, because it made me come out of my shell.”

Vecchio said she thanks her friends for the support, but she gave special gratitude to her parents for the encouragement through it all.

After graduation, the duo wishes to have their Dashing Divas venture as a side-business that compliments their newfound career. Vecchio looks forward in working with customers and on the social media side of business, while Brook sees herself in a private company involved in the hiring of staff and the setting up of special events.

Ringing true to the Ohio Valley College of Technology’s motto, in general, both business administration students are looking for a great career and a great life.

And, so far, they’re dashing their way in the right direction.

For more information about Dashing Divas, and their upcoming open house event in honor of their one-year anniversary, visit http://www.facebook.com/DashingDivas.

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