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We love being different… together

EAST LIVERPOOL – Students at the Ohio Valley College of Technology often step up. Studying for the big test. Helping a fellow student. Obtaining a full chicken outfit in about a day’s time.

With encouragement from the medical instructors and medical assistant students, OVCT joined the Harlem Shake meme. The business, dental and medical office students joined the medical crew. Even the staff and faculty lent their dancing skills to the video.

OVCT students doing the Harlem Shake.

The video shows a typical, hands-on clinical class except someone in a Transformer mask awakens from the patient table and begins to dance. In typical Harlem Shake fashion, the class erupts into a dance party complete with other Transformers, a Chicken Man, a werewolf, a dancing skeleton, multiple batmen, and a host of other “interesting” costumes and props.

Tim Steele, medical assistant student, waves to the camera in the chicken costume. He was voted as the one to wear the costume by his classmates.

The video concludes with the statement, “At the Ohio Valley College of Technology, we love being different… together.”

Tiffani McCoy, a medical assistant student, gives the approval of a job well done.

“The video and end statement really reflects our students, staff, and faculty here on campus,” said Academic Dean David Grimes. “Each one of us is, indeed, different. But, we celebrate our individuality here and work together for our end goals – finding graduates jobs in the community.”

Grimes also went on to compliment Mrs. Amanda McHenry, Mrs. Kristen Scott and the clinical students for spearheading the event and to everyone who joined in on the fun.

Mrs. Amanda McHenry and Mrs. Kristen Scott, both medical assisting instructors, pose with the stuffed horse.

“We work hard at OVCT, but we also know when to have fun,” he said. “Today was an exceptionally fun day.”

Watch the Harlem Shake video below:

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